What is LandCover6k?
Why was LC6K started?
How does LC6K work?
What kinds of products will LC6K generate?
What time periods will be covered? Can you really cover ten thousand years?
How can I get involved?


What is LandUse6k?
What do you mean by land use?
Why keep land use and land cover analytically separate?
How do you categorize past land use?
Isn’t this incredibly broad?
How can we even agree what farming is, for example? Aren’t there gray areas?
I hate these categories.
What other data will be gathered and studied?
Is this a model?
Is there anything in this effort for historical scholars interested in regional or local analyses?
Are the same time windows going to be used for land cover and land use?
Is there a +/- factor on these dates?
How are data going to be managed?
How will you input data and correct the maps?
Do you have a lot of funding?